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Kodak: three takers at Eastman Park

By Jason Deign Eastman Kodak has already signed up three customers for its Kodak Cell Assembly Center at Eastman Business Park in New York, company sources confirmed.

A supercapacitor made of hemp fibres is as good as a graphene supercapacitor for energy storage, according to Dr David Mitlin of the University of Alberta, Canada.

Energy storage news: 17.09.14

The energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed this week. BioSolar is developing the BioSuperCap, a cheap polymer-based supercapacitor that could lower the cost of solar energy storage. The Strati, the first 3D-printed electric car, was printed in…

The process of lithium plating taking place during the charging of lithium-ion batteries has been observed by scientists at Technische Universität München, Germany.

Energy storage news: 10.09.14

This week’s energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed. NEC Energy Solutions will supply a large utility in California with a 3.9MWh lithium-ion battery-based grid energy storage system. ABB and BYD have announced a global energy storage…

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Energy storage news: 22.08.14

Bloomberg looks into how big companies are using thermal storage to meet carbon rules. Earnings at inverter maker SMA have slipped following weak demand from Europe. The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium…

BYD of China reports that its electric vehicle sales grew tenfold in the first four months of 2014, in comparison with 2013, with further growth hampered by insufficient batteries.

Energy storage news: 09.07.14

This week’s energy storage news from our Twitter feed. George Washington University has developed molten air batteries for electric vehicles, which are rechargeable, cost effective and have a very high energy storage capacity. The US Department of…