About Energy Storage Report

What is Energy Storage Report?

Welcome to Energy Storage Report, the weekly intelligence brief, website and Twitter feed that scrutinises the energy storage industry. We offer in-depth analysis of the technologies, trends and issues that are part of this exciting sector.

We believe that energy storage is the key to integrating renewable energy into the grid, we realise that it is essential to guaranteeing energy stability and reliability to families, communities and companies, and we advocate that it should be technologically agnostic.

Which is why we cover all types of energy storage system, from pumped hydro to battery, flywheel to compressed air, superconducting magnetic to molten salt, and fuel cell to thermal energy storage.

And we look beyond the research innovations in technology and ongoing projects to analyse the policies, conferences and controversies that make up the background to the industry.

Because we never lose sight of the fact that energy storage is a means to an end, we take a look at its applications in the real world and run articles on related areas such as electric vehicles, microgrids and, of course, relevant renewable technologies such as concentrated solar power and wind energy.

What Energy Storage Report can do for you

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Who is behind Energy Storage Report

Mike Stone, Editor & Social Media Manager, Energy Storage ReportMike Stone
News editor and social media manager

A science graduate, Mike is a professional advertising, online and direct mail copywriter turned energy storage evangelist. Besides handling writing, editorial and social media for Energy Storage Report he is has more than two decades of experience in commercial writing and is the author of a number of influential blogs.

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Jason Deign, Publisher & Commercial Manager, Energy Storage ReportJason Deign
Features editor and publisher

Jason is the director of Jason Deign Associates, a Barcelona-based copywriting and editorial services agency and a regular contributor to a range of energy industry publications, including Greentech Media, New Energy Update and Solarplaza, and the author of industry reports for brands such as A Word About Wind and CSP Today.

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Why we started Energy Storage Report

A while ago, it became increasingly clear to us that without an answer to the question: “What’s the good of solar at night, or turbines when the wind doesn’t blow?” the whole green energy movement was doomed – and the planet with it. It was a highly depressing thought.

But the advances being made in energy storage filled us with a new optimism. And when we realised the wider possibilities it could offer transport, the grid and society, we knew we had to get into it. So, in September 2012 we made our first tentative steps with the launch of this website, and its companion newsletter.

Since then we’ve seen a steady growth in web traffic, Twitter followers and newsletter subscribers that has convinced us that there is an audience out there that wants access to the latest news and views on this exciting sector.

Energy Storage Report, Jason Deign Associates SL, Sicilia 129, Ático 3ª, Barcelona 08013, Spain. Email: speak2us@energystoragereport.info