Electric Vehicles

Is the future of used electric car batteries in grid energy storage systems like the Second Life Batteries Alliance project from BMW, Bosch and Vattenfall in Germany?

A new life for old batteries

A tie-up between BMW, Bosch and Vattenfall in Germany could help speed up halting moves to develop low-cost energy storage reserves from old car batteries.The three companies last month launched the Second Life Batteries Alliance…

Tesla, Elon Musk, SolarCity and other entrepreneurs are providing bravado and vision to the energy storage industry.

How to learn to love Tesla

Tesla: love it or hate it? It’s a tricky one. Here is a carmaker that churns out flash motors for the über-famous. The company head, Elon Musk, is sickeningly rich, sickeningly young and sickeningly brilliant. Shares…

Vincent Bollore is investing $166m in the UK’s Source London electric car-sharing network, which will include 6,000 electric vehicle charging stations.

Energy storage news: 19.03.14

Energy storage news from our Twitter feed over the last week. Japan has launched a USD$100m subsidy fund for lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, which will pay up to two-thirds of installation costs. Simbol Materials of California hopes…