Joe Pratt studies hydrogen fuel cell energy storage in ports at the Port of Oakland, California. Photo credit: Sandia National Laboratories

Energy storage in port operations

A hidden challenge for renewable energy, in terms of carbon reductions at least, is making sure your cure is not more damaging than your disease. Many types of renewable power plants, for example, contain large…

GM has accumulated nearly 3 million miles of real-world driving in a fleet of 119 hydrogen-powered vehicles since 2007. Photo credit: General Motors

Car fuel cells: the road ahead

Today we’ll be taking a look at an energy storage medium that’s very much in the news at the moment, with various auto-manufacturers announcing hydrogen-powered vehicles, fuel cells increasingly being used for off-grid energy supply…

Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), Rotherham

Hydrogen mini grid for UK

It’s a small step but hopefully a significant one: ITM Power has won a bid from the UK government’s Homes and Communities Agency to operate a hydrogen mini grid system (HMGS) in the town of…