New love for US pumped hydro?

By Jason Deign Pumped hydro, the forgotten granddaddy of energy storage, seems back in fashion: records show 19 new project applications were filed in the US this year.

Europe chases GWh energy storage

By Jason Deign Gaelectric’s Larne project funding approval this month has focused attention on European efforts to develop large-scale storage technologies that could rival pumped hydro. Dublin, Ireland-based Gaelectric was granted €90m in European Union…

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Could hydrogen work with batteries?

NB: a previous version of this story mistakenly said Mercedes and Daimler were pulling out of fuel cell development. This version has been corrected.  By Mike Stone Is hydrogen back in serious contention as a…

ALACAES seeks CAES partners

NB: In our intelligence brief, we incorrectly stated that L’Azienda Elettrica Ticinese had pulled its investment out of ALACAES and that Airlight Energy had run into technical problems. This version corrects both statements. By Jason…