Japan adds backing to energy storage

NGK is known for the development of sodium-sulphur (NaS) batteries, Sumitomo are currently working on vanadium redox flow batteries.

NGK is known for its sodium-sulphur (NaS) batteries. Sumitomo is working on vanadium redox flow batteries. Photo credit: NGK Insulators

In a week where continued fears over radiation leakage call the future of the country’s nuclear fleet into question, there is at least one piece of good energy news coming out of Japan. NGK Insulators and Sumitomo Electric Industries have both been chosen by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to find ways of driving down the costs of energy storage.
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Nanotech T-shirt offers storage to wear

In the future, energy storage could be as important as style when shopping for clothes.

In the future, energy storage could be as important as style when shopping for clothes. Photo credit: Oxfordian World

What’s the best place to store electricity? Many solutions are being suggested, from household fuel cell energy storage units to your electric vehicle’s lithium-ion battery. But a fascinating article in Nanowerk explores the idea that we’ll one day be powering our wearable electronics with electricity generated and stored in the clothes on our back.
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China to spend $166bn on energy storage

Wind farm in Xingiang, China.

Wind farm in Xingiang, China. Photo credit: taylorandayumi

Analyst group Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is predicting China could spend between USD$164bn and $192bn on energy storage between now and 2030. The figures are from a study released this week that considers four possible future energy scenarios for the Asian giant. BNEF’s favoured scenario, dubbed the ‘New Normal’, would see energy storage investments topping $166bn.
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And in other news…

As usual, we have been delighted by the volume of news on energy storage and related areas in the last week. And as usual, we lack the resources to cover them all. So here are the headlines – linked to stories in other media.

Breakthrough iron-based superconductors set new performance records

Smart ED could have battery lease in US; electric scooter and bike under discussion, too

Hawaii Natural Energy Institute issues contract for energy storage system to Altair

Solid battery electrolyte prevents fires and stores five times the energy

CALMAC joins forces with Texas Energy Storage Alliance

Alaska to commence mining of rare earth minerals by 2016

Chicago suburb Oak Park joins international solar-powered smart grid test

Total capacity of US Department of Defense renewable energy installations will quadruple by 2025

News in brief

We are delighted to say that the number of stories on energy storage is growing on an almost daily basis, a sure indication that the interest in the sector is expanding. The only downside is that we just don’t have the space to cover every single story. So here are the headlines, linked to the stories in other media.

Saft gets firm offer for small nickel battery arm from French investor

Canadian Solar and Algonquin Power partner on 10MW AC utility-scale solar power project in Ontario

TIAX announces breakthrough sensor technology for preventing lithium-ion battery safety incidents

Indonesian wireless operator XL chooses fuel cell backup power solution from Cascadiant

Altairnano to supply energy storage system for grid stability project in Hawaii