DoE changes favour energy storage

President Obama’s new Energy Secretary’s interest in energy efficiency is good news for energy storage, says NAATBatt. The National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries’ executive director James Greenberger is of the opinion that the recent replacement of Steven Chu by MIT insider Dr Ernest Moniz could work well for the sector.

His reasoning starts with the fact that Moniz’s interest in energy efficiency echoes the President’s call to double efficiency by 2020, and thus he will have the political clout to make positive changes. But it is not enough for Moniz to be a big fan of energy efficiency. He and other policymakers at the Department of Energy also need to understand that although savings in consumption are important, grid-level efficiency is where the action really is.

Because, as we all know, the greatest losses in energy efficiency are incurred by the difference between peak and non-peak loads on the system. Energy storage can dramatically reduce this, when used wisely. Greenberger says: “Energy efficiency is not about using less energy; it is about using the energy we have more efficiently. And that is precisely what electricity storage does. If we can get that message out, the next few years should be very good for electricity storage.”

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