Energy storage news headlines

As we reach our second birthday, Energy Storage Report is changing the way it brings you the global energy storage news headlines.

As we reach our second birthday, we are changing the way Energy Storage Report brings you the global energy storage news headlines. Photo credit: Anssi Koskinen

Believe it or not, Energy Storage Report is two years old this week. We’d like to thank the growing number of fans who have followed us via email, online and on Twitter over the last 24 months.

Our annual anniversary is also a time when we take stock of progress and bring in changes that we hope will improve our value to you, our readers.

A year ago we gave up simply re-packaging industry news in order to provide a deeper level of analysis, which seems to have gone down well in terms of bringing in new readers and generating comment.

This year we are ringing the changes again, albeit in a smaller way. For reasons too tedious to mention, we feel there isn’t much value in reproducing our weekly headlines, which already appear in our weekly free newsletter and on our Twitter feed, on our website.

So, effective today, we’ll be dropping the news headlines from our website. As a newsletter subscriber, you will of course continue to get them for free every week in your inbox. If you are not already receiving our newsletter, why not subscribe now? Or, if you want, you can find out about breaking energy storage news as soon as we do, on Twitter.

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