First GE Durathon sales in Europe

Durathon battery

Durathon batteryGE Energy Storage has made its first European sale of the Durathon 100 kilowatt-hour, sodium nickel-based battery system. Western Power Distribution, a distribution network operator in the UK, will install five of the energy storage unit systems during the third quarter of 2013 as part of “Project FALCON” (Flexible Approaches to Low Carbon Optimised Networks), a four-year project.

The project is partially funded through the UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets’ Low Carbon Network Fund and aims to develop a new computer-based modeling tool to identify the best way of delivering investment on the network. The system will be able to identify the most cost effective ‘smart’ or ‘conventional’ way of delivering additional network capacity to facilitate the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan.

One of the ‘smart’ methods being trialed is energy storage.

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