Four (or 11) MW A123 battery for new Hawaiian wind farm

The Auwahi Wind farm will use Siemens wind turbines to generate enough renewable energy for approximately 10,000 average homes in Maui, say the participants. In addition, says North American Wind Power (NAWP) the wind farm is planned to have battery storage that will be able to store more than 4 MW, in order to help to regulate the intermittent wind power for the local grid.

Meanwhile, Green Car Congress reveals that troubled developer A123 will be supplying the battery system, including a Smart Grid Domain Controller to manage voltage regulation. The site disagrees with NAWP, however, citing an 11 – not 4 – MW deployment.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser brings the story back to earth with a pump by stating that Maui Electric Co.’s investment in its grid – including the ES element will cost the average household an extra USD$6.60 per month.

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