Energy storage a victim of FiTs

Germans are getting paid too little to store energy and too much to put it into the grid, says a top German scientist. Speaking to the BBC, Dr Michael Specht said that energy storers are being unfairly penalised and they should not bear the same costs that consumers of electricity have to pay. The current situation is that an increasing number of individuals, farms, small businesses and co-operatives are making money with generous, guaranteed long-term feed-in tariffs (FiTs).

But energy storage has to shoulder disproportionate costs and, as a result, German energy is simply too expensive to be stored, he states. There are already more than a million individuals and groups taking advantage of FiTs, providing an impressive 22% of the country’s total energy needs, as locally-based renewable energy sources help to take the strain of energy demand in a country that has vowed to close down all its nuclear reactors.

So it seems that tweaking the economic framework a little more in favour of energy storage will be vital if German really is to show the way in European green energy.

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