Batteries board new electric vessels

By Jason Deign Battery-based microgrids are helping the shipping industry go through a quiet electric-power revolution, said an expert at the 5th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum last week.

New research confirms what we knew

By Jason Deign A new study has strengthened previous evidence that electrical energy storage is getting more distributed, more tied to solar, more long-term and more based on lithium-ion.

Industry reaches turning point

By Jason Deign Speakers from 22 countries will be gathering at the 10th Energy Storage World Forum and 4th Residential Energy Storage Forum in Berlin next month at a critical point for the industry. Tesla’s recent…

Webinar’s solar-plus-battery secrets

By Jason Deign Combining battery storage with solar generation is already cheaper than using diesel in most microgrids, said experts at an Energy Storage Report webinar last week. “As the key applications, we see islanded…