Your data

You may be concerned that when you visit Energy Storage Report a small army of backroom agents tracks your every click, glance and fidget, then sells that coveted information off to the highest bidder. Don’t be.

We’re journalists, not techies, so we wouldn’t know what to do with your data even if we could find it. There’s a cookie consent warning on our website because we don’t want to get into trouble if one of our ads has a tracker or something in it.

That said, you have our word that we will not give your data to third parties. We’re not that kind of people.

What we know about you and how we know it

The only data we have about you (unless you get in touch and tell us your life story) is on the various industry-standard technology tools that we use to publish Energy Storage Report.

So on this WordPress website, for example, your page views and stuff like that are logged by Google Analytics and Google AdSense. If you sign up to our newsletter then your details go into MailChimp. The only other thing we use is Twitter.

Energy Storage Report is published by Jason Deign Associates SL, of Carrer Sicilia 129, Ático 3ª, Barcelona 08013, Spain, which is a limited company (socieded limitada) catalogued in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, with fiscal number (NIF) B64680945.

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