Energy storage key to Chile solar project

The incorporation of energy storage was key to Chile’s selection of solar thermal technology in a project that has gained Clean Technology Fund (CTF) financing, Energy Storage Report has learned. The Chilean Ministry of Energy last month announced the receipt of a US$66.12 million CTF loan to develop a solar thermal plant in the Antofagasta region.

The technology was selected over other types of renewable energy generation because of its ability to include thermal energy storage, a source close to the CTF has confirmed.

AES to give Chilean power plant 20MW battery storage

AES Energy Storage and AES Gener, the company’s Chilean subsidiary will integrate 20MW of advanced battery-based energy storage with a 544MW thermal power plant in the North of the country.

The project will allow the plant to generate an additional, productivity-enhancing 20MW of power at virtually all times, without sacrificing grid flexibility or reliability, says the company.

This increase of around 4% represents the energy that would otherwise be slide-lined for use in the event of an unexpected transmission failure.

AES Gener is the country’s second largest power generator, and has already constructed a 12MW energy storage system for its Norgener power plant, some 170 kilometers from Antofagasta.

The Los Andes Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) has been delivering a similar reliability service since 2009, and comprises of approximately one million advanced lithium-ion battery cells, divided between ten 2MW battery containers, and five 4MW power controls containers.