H2 company does deal with AEG

UK-based hydrogen technology and energy storage company ITM Power has announced it has signed an agreement with AEG Power Solutions to integrate its electrolyser technology with AEG’s power control electronics. Under the agreement, ITM Power and AEG will initially address five projects, ranging from imminent deployment to early proposal development.

This agreement with ITM represents the first time AEG’s power conversion technology will be coupled with polymer exchange membrane electrolysis, enabling rapid-response electrolysis at a scale appropriate for electricity grid balancing services, says ITM.

Gas and oil player Enbridge invests in Hydrogen cell manufacturer Hydrogenics

According to the press release, Hydrogenics Corporation of Canada of has entered into an agreement with Enbridge Inc. to jointly develop utility scale energy storage in North America. The non-renewable energy giant has also made an equity investment of CAN$ 5 million in Hydrogenics.

The PR explicitly mentions Hydrogenics’ expertise in water electrolysis combining with Enbridge’s interest in natural gas pipeline networks and renewable energy generation.

This fact is highlighted in a commentary in The Toronto Star, which opines that Enbridge’s motive for the investment centre is not around energy storage and renewables, but Hydronic’s expertise in this area of electrolyser technology which is an essential element in the  ‘Power-to-Gas’ business that interests Enbridge.