Arista Power’s Mobile Renewable Power Station – ready for anything

One product featuring fuel cells that seems to have been designed with disasters and the unforeseen in mind is Arista Power’s Mobile Renewable Power Station (MRPS), units of which have been purchased by an un-named US Government agency (FEMA, perhaps?).

The MRPS combines Arista Power’s own fuel cell energy storage system, power distribution and system controls, along with a photovoltaic (PV) solar unit, in order to create a complete micro-grid for power at remote locations.

The system can be transported by commercial vehicles and is designed to replace diesel fuel generators for continuous operations. The units ordered “will be used to power communications equipment in a remote location where energy security and reliability is considered mission critical,” says the company.

Electric vehicles for military energy storage

Southwest Research Institute is a member of a team recently awarded a $7 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers to demonstrate the use of electric vehicles plus generators and solar arrays to supply emergency power. The program, called the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security, is intended to make military installations more energy efficient and secure.