energy return on investment

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Your five top stories of 2014

It’s already dimming in the memory. But before 2014 fades out of sight completely, let’s remember this was an important 12 months for energy storage.There was plenty of the usual hype, of course, but also…

Energy storage industry experts respond to the damning report on energy return on investment from IFK Berlin. Photo credit: Airlight Energy, CSP thermal energy storage

Why energy storage is (not) a dead-end industry

Is investment in energy storage worth the effort? Didn’t we find out last week that our industry is going nowhere because of the fundamental constraint of its energy return on investment (EROI)? Perhaps we had better take another…

A report by IFK Berlin on the energy return on investment (EROI) of battery energy storage, when used to balance intermittent renewable energy on a grid scale, suggests it may not be viable.

Why energy storage is a dead-end industry

Could energy storage send us back to the Stone Age? Galling as it may seem to those of us who view storage as the solution to the problem of renewable energy intermittency, and hence the…