Yuasa faces new battery problems

It’s been widely reported that lithium-ion car batteries produced by GS Yuasa, the same Japanese company that supplies batteries for the grounded Boeing 787 jetliner fleet, have overheated in the last few days.

The problems this time are with lithium-ion batteries used in Mitsubishi’s iMiEV electric vehicle. The company revealed that two such units had caught fire on the assembly line during testing.

No one was hurt in the incident, that took place on 12 March this year, but it has knocked a sizable chunk off of Yuasa’s share price. Marc Birtel, a Boeing spokesman, has stated that test flights aimed at restoring grounded 787s to service will not be affected by this new issue, the company having been assured that “the battery in question is fundamentally different from the 787 battery both in its construction processes, design and chemistry.”