ITM brings down cost of hydrogen

ITM Power’s Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel) generates hydrogen by electrolysis.

ITM Power’s Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel) generates hydrogen by electrolysis. Photo credit: ITM Power

Projected costs for hydrogen produced by the electrolyser units of ITM Power have gone down by up to 33% in the last year, say the company. One key reason for these reductions is economy of scale, with the latest figures being based on output from systems producing up to 446kg/day of the gas, in place of the 100kg/day units used to formulate last year’s estimates.
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ITM Power sells factory to Japan

UK-based ITM Power produces equipment for the production and storage of hydrogen, mainly for use in the fuel cell market. The company has just announced that it has sold a plant based on its HPac platform to an as-yet unnamed company in Japan.

This is ITM’s first factory sale in Japan, leading Dr. Graham Cooley, ITM Power’s chief executive, to comment: “Japan is an important territory for ITM Power as it is seriously committed to the adoption of hydrogen as a transport fuel. We will be engaging more significantly with Japanese markets in 2013.”

H2 company does deal with AEG

UK-based hydrogen technology and energy storage company ITM Power has announced it has signed an agreement with AEG Power Solutions to integrate its electrolyser technology with AEG’s power control electronics. Under the agreement, ITM Power and AEG will initially address five projects, ranging from imminent deployment to early proposal development.

This agreement with ITM represents the first time AEG’s power conversion technology will be coupled with polymer exchange membrane electrolysis, enabling rapid-response electrolysis at a scale appropriate for electricity grid balancing services, says ITM.

ITM signs hydrogen power deal with ABO Wind

Proving, in some cases at least, that hydrogen power has moved beyond the lab stage, UK-based ITM Power has signed an agreement with Germany’s ABO Wind to identify and develop wind to hydrogen projects in the UK, Ireland and Germany. ITM’s current hydrogen technology includes water electrolyser stacks, fuel cells and hydrogen burning engines, as well as hydrogen gas storage facilities.

Car club trials Hyundai hydrogen cells

Aberdeen’s newly-established Commonwheels car club is to be the first in the world to trial hydrogen fuel cell cars, thanks to a loan from Hyundai of two of its left-hand-drive in the run up to the city’s All Energy conference. ITM Power is providing a mobile hydrogen re-fuelling station to keep the cars on the road.