After buying A123 Energy Solutions, Takashi Ohara of NEC talks to Energy Storage Report about his company's plans for grid-scale, grid-edge and domestic battery energy storage in the USA, Europe, Asia and in developing economies, such as Africa and India.

NEC has big plans for energy storage

When NEC announced it was going to pay USD$100m for A123 Energy Solutions, it was clear that the lithium-nanophosphate battery manufacturer was well and truly back after bankruptcy and a spell of developing its business…

In 2012, Sumitomo completed a demonstration power generation and storage system at its Yokohama Works – using the world’s then largest vanadium redox flow battery and Japan’s largest concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) units. Photo credit: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

60MWh redox flow battery order

According to a report in the Nikkei, a Sumitomo Electric Industries vanadium redox flow battery will soon be helping Hokkaido Electric Power to store electricity in order to stabilise its grid network. The 60MWh device will allow Hokkaido to add…

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Japan’s big investment in energy storage

Less than a year ago, and a couple of months after the tsunami-fuelled nuclear crisis that engulfed the country, the Japanese government announced a three-year programme of subsidies for renewables-related technologies. Of this, reports The…