After last week's Bolivia lithium mining deal, how important are rare earth batteries in energy storage? The Uyuni salt lake, location of most Bolivian lithium reserves.

A material threat to energy storage?

French moves to secure a deal on Bolivian lithium supplies last week again underscored the importance of raw materials in the commercialisation of energy storage. An agreement on lithium production was one of four letters…

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Buried lithium sought in Nevada

Essential for much of energy storage as we currently know it, lithium is a prized metal indeed. And Great American Energy is hoping to find vast quantities of the stuff beneath Big Smokey Valley in Nevada, USA.

Lithium salt production at the Salar de Atacama, Chile

More lithium batteries for hybrids

Research company Roskill is forecasting the lithium industry will be increasingly reliant on production of lithium-ion batteries to sell its product and that the growth of hybrid electric vehicles means a shift away from portable electronics as…