Researchers at Rutgers have developed a catalyst based on carbon nanotubes that could replace platinum in hydrogen fuel production from water.

Energy storage news: 23.07.14

This week’s energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed. The Society of Automotive Engineers has finalised a new hydrogen fueling standard for light-duty vehicles: SAE J2601. BMW and Samsung SDI are expanding their relationship in electric…

NSCU have aligned silicon-coated carbon nanotubes like a layer of drinking straws.

Battery design gets nanotube boost

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a new flexible nano-scaffold for rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that could help make cell phone and electric car batteries last longer. The research, published online in Advanced Materials, shows…

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New solar storage possibilities from MIT

Scientists at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have produced modified carbon nanotubes that can store solar energy indefinitely after being charged up by sunlight, says the university. Although nano materials that store sunlight in…