Conference to feature biggest names in energy storage

The NY-BEST Capture the Energy conference will explore developments in technology, policy and opportunities for energy storage in New York and California.

Developments in technology, policy and opportunities for energy storage in New York and California will be examined at the NY-BEST Capture the Energy conference. Photo credit: Matt H Wade

Vendors and developers are set to get insights into two of energy storage’s most important global markets at a key industry event next week. Progress in California will come under the spotlight as Arthur O’Donnell, energy division supervisor of the state’s Public Utilities Commission, takes the stage at the New York Battery and Energy Storage (NY-BEST) two-day annual conference, Capture the Energy. O’Donnell will be sharing a panel with Margarett Jolly, director research and development at ConEdison of New York, in a panel session titled ‘Expanding markets for energy storage on the grid.’ ConEdison is currently moving ahead with an incentive programme that includes energy storage.

The whole State of New York, meanwhile, is tipped to become one of the big energy storage hotspots in the US, after California, with recent studies indicating the industry could yield more than 11,000 new jobs state-wide by 2020 and 43,000 new jobs by 2030.
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Energy storage to create 11,400 NY jobs

The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST), has released an Economic Impact Study and Roadmap for Energy Storage in New York State, which suggests the sector could grow by 10,000 to 11,400 new jobs in New York by 2020 and 30,000 to 43,000 new jobs by 2030.

The study found that New York’s energy storage industry currently employs approximately 3,000 and is responsible for more than US$600 million in annual global sales. It calculated the expected growth by focusing primarily on potential in electric grid applications and transportation.

As a result of the study, NY-BEST has prepared a roadmap which aims to establish robust local energy storage markets, create “value chain clusters” of companies to service manufacturers and stimulate the commercialisation of advanced technologies.