A Nissan Leaf battery replacement will cost electric vehicle drivers USD$5,500 and will incorporate new heat-resistant battery chemistry.

Energy storage news: 02.07.14

Here are the energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed this week. Between 2GW and 4GW of grid-scale energy storage could be installed in the USA in the next five years, according to a study from…

Sumitomo opens the world’s first used electric vehicle battery energy storage system. Nissan Leaf lithium-ion batteries will regulate energy from a solar power plant in Osaka, Japan.

Energy storage news: 12.02.14

The latest energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed. Endesa has launched Spain’s first grid energy storage plants in the Canary Islands. The pilot schemes will use lithium-ion batteries, flywheel energy storage and supercapacitor technology….

Electric vehicle policy in Germany

18 things we learned at EVS27

Well, how was it for you? We certainly had a great time at the 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS27), and kudos to the organisers for putting on such an interesting and diverse event. Although…

The new Nissan electric taxi will be manufactured and launched in Barcelona, Spain.

Energy storage news: 16.10.13

A selection of energy storage news from our Twitter feed over the last week. South Korea considers mandatory energy storage and electricity rate restructuring. Jaguar unveils the new C-X17, and the supercar hybrid still matters (barely).

GM has accumulated nearly 3 million miles of real-world driving in a fleet of 119 hydrogen-powered vehicles since 2007. Photo credit: General Motors

Car fuel cells: the road ahead

Today we’ll be taking a look at an energy storage medium that’s very much in the news at the moment, with various auto-manufacturers announcing hydrogen-powered vehicles, fuel cells increasingly being used for off-grid energy supply…

Audi and Williams flywheel energy storage win Le Mans

Electric vehicle news round-up

Here are a few vehicle-related stories we didn’t have time to cover in depth this issue. First up, it appears Nissan is designing a one-person electric transporter for urban mobility, although it is not known if, or…