phase-change material

Research from TermoFluids and the Tesconsol consortium may provide a breakthrough in the use of phase-change material for thermal energy storage in concentrated solar power plants. Photo credit: KIC InnoEnergy

Study points to PCM breakthrough

The case for using phase-change materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage is being bolstered through research using a modelling technique out this year. The technique, developed by a team in Catalonia, Spain, has uncovered a PCM…

Does phase-change material storage have advantages over molten salt thermal energy storage for a concentrated solar power plant? Photo credit: Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, SolarReserve

Solar thermal energy storage loses its way

Too much salt is not just bad for your health. It could also harm the likelihood of thermal energy storage (TES) cost reduction across the entire concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. Right now, molten salt TES is…