Fuel cell car update

Further to our car reports in the last edition, there has been exciting news in the hydrogen vehicle sector. Ford, Daimler AG (which owns Mercedes-Benz and Smart) and Renault-Nissan announced a partnership yesterday to speed up the development of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles by sharing the costs of investment.

They join Toyota and BMW, which are now working together on fuel cells, in the race for the first hydrogen-fueled production model. 2017 is the year many are citing for the emergence of commercially-viable vehicles, with some media outlets, such as Forbes, warming to the idea, while others, as exemplified by Scientific American, remain firmly on the fence.

UK electric car sales set to jump 100%

2013 year will see the launch of 36 models of electric car worldwide. And in the UK, at least, sales of those EVs should be doubling to 6,000 vehicles, according to The Guardian.  The article cites lower priced new models of electric car such as the new UKP13,650 (USD 22,185 ) Renault Zoe, and the assured design of the new  BMW 3i for the projected rise.