Tri-Technic Inc. bags USD 4m energy storage contract with US Army

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District has awarded a $4.1 million contract to Tri-Technic Inc. to install a one megawatt grid energy storage unit at Fort Hunter Liggett, in California.

Tri-Technic’s grid energy storage is needed to store surplus electricity generated by Fort Hunter Liggett’s solar power field when power generation is higher than demand, for use when demand outstrips supply.

Construction of the power storage unit should begin in April 2013 and completion is scheduled for November 2013.

US military vehicles go electric

It is not just tree-huggers who are embracing electric vehicles: the US Army has several in the pipeline. This means opportunities for energy storage companies, such as Saft, which has just been awarded USD$1.3 million from weapons manufacturer BAE Systems.

The funding is for the continued development of a Lithium-ion energy storage system for the US Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle programme. Saft, which is designing and building ultra-high-power cells for the vehicle’s hybrid electric drive system, has already completed the demo battery system including hardware and software, says the company.

Electric vehicles for military energy storage

Southwest Research Institute is a member of a team recently awarded a $7 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers to demonstrate the use of electric vehicles plus generators and solar arrays to supply emergency power. The program, called the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security, is intended to make military installations more energy efficient and secure.