Modelling the future of energy storage in Europe

Younicos, the german battery manufacturer, shares its modelling results for the future of energy storage in Europe.

Younicos, the german renewable energy company, shares its modelling results for the future of energy storage in Europe. Photo credit: Younicos

Back at the beginning of this month we published an article on European energy policy that we hoped would stimulate some debate within the energy storage industry. We were not disappointed. Within hours of the newsletter hitting our subscribers’ inboxes, we had a forthright response from Philip Hiersemenzel, spokesperson for German renewable energy company Younicos.

Exporting grid instability

Despite being a self-confessed “big fan” of Energy Storage Report, Hiersemenzel was less than happy about what he saw as accepting at face value figures given by Benedict De Meulemeester, chief executive of the energy consultancy E&C.

These stated that, despite dire predictions of disruption of the grid from an ever-increasing supply of renewables, Germany’s grid actually still had one of the lowest outage rates in the world.
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Britain boasts the biggest battery

Britain is a small island full of big surprises, not least when it comes to renewable energy. Pursuing a policy that some would call pluralistic, others opportunistic and some incoherent, the current administration has embraced fracking a week after opening Europe’s biggest offshore wind farm. Now comes another surprise at an electricity substation at Leighton Buzzard, in the county of Bedfordshire.
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