Energy Storage

Long duration storage: Where are we going wrong?

Long duration energy storage – that is, technologies that can store power from half a day to a week – have the potential to play a major role in the development of a net zero world, but it’s a technology that society has, so far, failed to capitalise on. Why? There are a number of factors involved – however, perhaps the main problem is that governments are failing to provide sufficient policy support.

Who’s Biden backing on battery storage?

Two weeks ago, the Biden-Harris administration revealed the details of its plan to “supercharge” the manufacturing of batteries for energy storage and electric vehicles in the US. Here, Energy Storage Report brings you the lowdown on each of the 21 projects that will be funded to the tune of $2.8 billion in an effort to achieve this goal.

Marketwatch: California leading on US storage

The US state of California is widely recognised as having one of the world’s most vibrant energy storage markets. It’s a part of the world that is brimming with storage evangelists and, consequently, it was no surprise that a report published earlier this year highlighted California as the US state with the most battery storage capacity in development, with a total of 5,773MW.

12 takeaways from EASE global conference

By how much will storage investment increase this year? Which region of the world offers the biggest opportunity for storage investors? And could the V2X [vehicle-to-everything] sector offer benefits for energy grids? These were among the questions asked, and the issues debated, at the Energy Storage Global Conference – organised by the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) – in Brussels this week.