Britain boasts the biggest battery

Britain is a small island full of big surprises, not least when it comes to renewable energy. Pursuing a policy that some would call pluralistic, others opportunistic and some incoherent, the current administration has embraced fracking a week after opening Europe’s biggest offshore wind farm. Now comes another surprise at an electricity substation at Leighton Buzzard, in the county of Bedfordshire.

There, a test project for Europe’s biggest battery is being backed by GBP£13.2m of taxpayers’ money and £5.5m from participating companies Younicos, S&C Electric Europe and Samsung SDO. The 6MW lithium manganese unit is described by a report in The Guardian as “one of the biggest batteries ever constructed.”

Test results from the project will not be available until 2016, but it is hoped the trial will demonstrate the battery’s potential to help the UK transition to a low carbon economy.

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