Batteries plus solar equals profit

The current buzz around marrying solar, particularly that of the private, roof-top variety, with chemical energy storage in the form of batteries has received support in a report from Lux Research.

Batteries Included: Gauging Near-Term Prospect for Solar/Energy Storage Systems looks into small-scale commercial and residential market segments in the US, Germany, Italy and Japan, and concludes that off-grid market sectors will be more profitable than those which feed into the electricity network, having much lower break-even costs that their on-grid counterparts.

In total, Lux predicts that the overall demand for energy storage combined with solar will be worth just under USD$3bn by 2018. Meanwhile, an interesting article on the Australian site Renew Economy takes a long, hard look at solar storage figures and concludes that the combination is not yet economically viable… but it will be soon.

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