Mixed news on electric vehicles

Durathon from GE Energy Storage

Last month turns out to have been a mixed one for electric vehicles. As The Energy Collective points out, battery recycling business Better Place lived up to its name by going bankrupt. Coda went bust, too, and Fisker may follow suit.

On the other hand, the sales figures for plug-ins and hybrids were more than a little promising: 7,754 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in the United States, making May 2013 the highest sales month ever, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association. Sales of electrified hybrid vehicles improved on that figure, with 48,796 hybrids sold last month.

Importantly, the hybrid market is expanding quicker than the overall automobile sales market. So, despite the US being seemingly awash with dirty-energy resources, and the business press constantly belittling the hybrid and electric vehicle market, the American consumer seems to be leading the way in adopting greener transport options.

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