Markets muted on Fluence launch

By Jason Deign Early trading suggests markets have taken in their stride the news that Siemens and AES are joining forces to take over the energy storage market.

Despite lack of interest from public utilities, the Southern California Edison (SCE) announcement of the winners of its 250MW procurement shows the California energy storage market is growing rapidly. Photo credit: AES Energy Storage

Don’t believe the public utilities: California rocks

The California energy storage market is coming to life in spite of lacklustre backing from the state’s publicly owned utilities. Last week, Southern California Edison (SCE) announced the winners of contracts for 250MW of energy…

Laurel Mountain, West Virginia – A previous collaborative project between AES and PJM.

Two deals add 80MW of US storage

US grid operator PJM Interconnection, whose operations serves 60 million Americans across the Midwest and northeast of the country, has hit the renewables headlines twice this week for signing up to two separate energy storage deals.