Energy Storage Europe

Trends reveal the energy storage industry may not follow the growth pattern of solar, due to the need for a wider range of different technologies. Photo credit: Ads-tec

Why storage is different to PV

By Jason Deign Claims that energy storage is likely to evolve in the same way as solar might not be as accurate as previously thought, current trends reveal. In particular, the move towards technology consolidation…

It has been announced that Energy Storage Europe 2016 and the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference – IRES 2016 – will merge next year. Photo credit: Messe Düsseldorf

Energy Storage Europe and IRES to join forces

By Jason Deign Energy storage’s evolution into a mainstream sector took a step forward this week with news of a major conference tie-up. Messe Düsseldorf, the Düsseldorf Trade Fair, and the European Association for Renewable…