NRStor has opened its 2MW Temporal Power flywheel energy storage system in Harriston, Ontario – the first grid energy storage in Canada.

Energy storage news: 30.07.14

Energy storage news from our Twitter feed this week. Greentech Media has published photos showing work beginning on what may be the new Tesla Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada, although a Tesla spokesperson has said that California has re-entered the race…

Beacon Power has bought advanced flywheel energy storage technology from Hanyang University in Korea.

Energy storage news: 09.04.14

Energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed over the last week. Panasonic wants to cooperate with the Tesla Gigafactory plans, but says that the investment risk is greater than it would like. American Manganese has announced its…

We analyse the current and future markets for flywheel energy storage, reviewing developments from established companies such as Beacon Power and ABB, to startups like Temporal Power. Photo credit: NASA

Flywheel energy storage: going somewhere fast?

With all the hoo-hah around the developing nexus between Tesla, SolarCity and Panasonic, the battery subsidies on offer in Japan, plus NEC’s buyout of the A123 Systems grid energy storage unit from Wanxiang, you could be forgiven…

Could flybrids and flywheel energy storage replace batteries in hybrid vehicles. Photo credit: Flybrid Automotive

Energy storage news: 29.01.14

This week’s energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed. YH Percival Zhang of Virginia Tech has developed a battery powered by sugar that has 10 times the energy storage density of a lithium-ion battery and is cheaper,…

A new flywheel energy storage system, could be the solution for residential solar energy storage. Source: Velkess

Energy storage news: 06.11.13

Our selection of the main energy storage news from our Twitter feed over the last week. Intelligent Utility looks at the potential for Ontario, Canada, to develop seasonal energy storage systems. The US military will drive electric vehicle…

Audi and Williams flywheel energy storage win Le Mans

Electric vehicle news round-up

Here are a few vehicle-related stories we didn’t have time to cover in depth this issue. First up, it appears Nissan is designing a one-person electric transporter for urban mobility, although it is not known if, or…

Laurel Mountain, West Virginia – A previous collaborative project between AES and PJM.

Two deals add 80MW of US storage

US grid operator PJM Interconnection, whose operations serves 60 million Americans across the Midwest and northeast of the country, has hit the renewables headlines twice this week for signing up to two separate energy storage deals.