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Abengoa bankruptcy: Who might buy the company's CSP plant assets in Chile, South Africa and the USA, or invest in Abengoa Yield? Photo: Mojave Solar Project, Abengoa

Who would want Abengoa’s assets?

By Jason Deign Abengoa, the Spanish renewable infrastructure developer, is thought to be hunting buyers for assets, including a large amount of storage, as it faces bankruptcy. The company filed for preliminary creditor protection a fortnight…

SolarReserve, the solar thermal power plant developer, intends to dramatically increase the temperature of molten salt storage with a grant from the SunShot Initiative. Photo credit: Crescent Dunes, SolarReserve

SolarReserve chases even hotter molten salt

By Jason Deign SolarReserve, the solar thermal plant developer, is going after molten salt storage systems of more than 700ºC with a USD$2.4m award from the US government. The award, announced last Wednesday, comes from the US…

Abengoa solar thermal energy storage systems having proved successful in the US, the company is now marketing standalone systems using molten salt, batteries and flywheels.

Abengoa: could molten salt do peaker job?

By Jason Deign Abengoa, perhaps best known for massive solar thermal plant such as Solana and Mojave, is pitching standalone molten salt storage systems and solar generation-connected thermal storage as a replacement for gas peakers. The multinational infrastructure…

Does phase-change material storage have advantages over molten salt thermal energy storage for a concentrated solar power plant? Photo credit: Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project, SolarReserve

Solar thermal energy storage loses its way

Too much salt is not just bad for your health. It could also harm the likelihood of thermal energy storage (TES) cost reduction across the entire concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. Right now, molten salt TES is…

The new molten salt parabolic trough CSP demonstration plant in Massa Martana, Italy. Photo credit: Chiyoda Corporation

CSP benefits from energy storage

Concentrated solar power (CSP) has one key advantage over the ever-cheapening photovoltaic (PV) competition: the ability to directly integrate thermal energy storage (TES) and thus provide dispatchable energy. It’s perhaps with this in mind that…

SEGS I and II plants will include energy storage as part of a major overhaul.

30-year CSP plants to add storage

Concentrated solar power (CSP) has been in the United States for the best part of three decades. And it looks like two of the great pioneers of this expanding industry have plenty of life in…

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Israeli CSP plant to have storage

Spanish solar specialist Abengoa and Israeli company Shikun & Binui have formed a joint venture known as Negev Energy to build a concentrated solar power (CSP) centre in the Ashalim area of the Negev Desert.