We assess the companies and projects in the flow battery market: from vanadium redox battery technology to zinc bromide, iron chromium, zinc iron and beyond. Photo credit: Sumitomo Electric

Redox flow batteries for energy storage

The quest continues for reliable grid-scale energy storage that does not involve huge civil engineering projects. Current bets are on shipping containers full of lithium-ion batteries (courtesy, no doubt, of the gigafactories predicted to be…

Sumitomo opens the world’s first used electric vehicle battery energy storage system. Nissan Leaf lithium-ion batteries will regulate energy from a solar power plant in Osaka, Japan.

Energy storage news: 12.02.14

The latest energy storage news headlines from our Twitter feed. Endesa has launched Spain’s first grid energy storage plants in the Canary Islands. The pilot schemes will use lithium-ion batteries, flywheel energy storage and supercapacitor technology….

In 2012, Sumitomo completed a demonstration power generation and storage system at its Yokohama Works – using the world’s then largest vanadium redox flow battery and Japan’s largest concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) units. Photo credit: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

60MWh redox flow battery order

According to a report in the Nikkei, a Sumitomo Electric Industries vanadium redox flow battery will soon be helping Hokkaido Electric Power to store electricity in order to stabilise its grid network. The 60MWh device will allow Hokkaido to add…