Vehicle power can now be sold to the grid

Representatives of the University of Delaware, NRG Energy and a number of Delaware State politicians are toasting what they say is an important milestone for the eV2g project, aimed at successfully integrating electric vehicles into the grid as energy storage units. The cause for celebration was that eV2g has become an official resource for PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organisation.

This, say those involved with eV2g, proves for the first time that electric vehicle-to-grid technology can sell electricity from electric vehicles to the power grid. Using electric vehicle batteries as energy storage devices has previously been suggested in several quarters, not least as a way of reducing the total cost of ownership for what are, let’s face it, fairly expensive vehicles.

Car owners can then sell their own renewable energy at a time of their choosing. Alternatively, they can also store cheap, off-peak grid electricity and either use it domestically at peak times or even sell it back to the grid at a higher market price.

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