Doral’s Roee Furman: How storage can attract investors

If you run an energy storage business, have a strong scientific background, business acumen, and a need for an investor, then Roee Furman could be the person you’ve been seeking. Furman is managing director of Doral Energy-Tech Ventures (DETV), the corporate innovation and venture capital investment arm of renewable energy infrastructure developer Doral.

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Omnidian: How to conquer buyers’ fear of storage

Are your potential customers still struggling with a fear of storage? While the popularity of energy storage is on the increase, it continues to face the challenge of how to win over more-risk averse clientele. This is a challenge of which Omnidian, a Seattle-based solar system performance plans and guarantees provider, is acutely aware.

Dealwatch: Primavera and Koch lead the way

The month of October saw a number of major energy storage investments with significant deals in China and North America in particular. Arguably most eye-catching of all was China-based Primavera Capital Group’s $600 million investment in two subsidiaries of storage products company Envision Group.