Pumped Hydro

New love for US pumped hydro?

By Jason Deign Pumped hydro, the forgotten granddaddy of energy storage, seems back in fashion: records show 19 new project applications were filed in the US this year.

Valhalla Energía is planning to build Chile's first hydroelectric pumped storage plant, Espejo de Tarapacá, for solar energy storage. Photo credit: Fundación Chile.

Energy storage news: 03.09.14

Some of the energy storage news headlines from last week. Follow us on Twitter for more. Highpower International’s electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries have been approved by China’s National Quality Control and Inspection Center for Buses. The Massachusetts…

What's happening in pumped hydro storage in Europe and globally? Photo credit: Nam Ngum pumped storage plant, Alstom

Pumped hydro energy storage in Europe and beyond

Thanks to its massive investment requirements and vast geographical impact, gigawatt-scale pumped hydro storage had fallen out of favour in many parts of the world.This includes Europe, where over 120 existing major projects, many built…