Power Generation

The Ludington Pumped Storage Plant on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Pumped hydro looks good at 40

We’ve already seen that, despite massive initial capital costs, the amount of energy needed to build a pumped hydro plant compared with its lifetime storage capacity makes it the most efficient energy storage investment in…

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Energy storage a victim of FiTs

Germans are getting paid too little to store energy and too much to put it into the grid, says a top German scientist. Speaking to the BBC, Dr Michael Specht said that energy storers are being unfairly…

Fenne power plant, site of the new lithium-ion battery system.

Battery to store power plant energy

Evonik Industries has announced a lithium-electricity storage system will go into operation at STEAG’s Fenne power plant in Völklingen, Germany. The battery system is designed to accommodate 4,700 lithium-ion batteries with a storage capacity of around 700kWh…