Best and worst Euro nations for storage grid fees

Excessively large grid-related fees across much of Europe are stifling the wider deployment of energy storage. Indeed, critics argue that tariff structures in many European countries are failing to comply with the EU-level rules on electricity market regulation, which state that tariffs should be “cost-reflective” and not discriminate against energy storage.

EASE’s Susan Taylor: ‘Urgent need for storage not realised’

Europe’s powerbrokers need to spend a little more time listening to Susan Taylor. Taylor is an energy storage analyst at the Brussels-based European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE). Research published by EASE concluded that storage deployment must hit 14GW annually to bring Europe’s 2030 climate goals within reach. Despite the warning, Taylor says there is no EU-wide storage strategy driven by targets.

Hitachi’s Maxine Ghavi: ‘Grids must be more flexible’

Hitachi Energy’s size marks it out as one of the bigger players in the energy storage sector. Headquartered in Switzerland, Hitachi Energy employs around 38,000 people in 90 countries and receives orders valued at a total of approximately $10 billion per year. It’s latest play in the energy storage market takes the form of its updated ‘E-mesh’ product, launched in November last year.