Will car batteries really work as a distributed grid storage medium? Duke Energy says: “Yes, but not in the way everyone is thinking.” Photo credit: FIAMM

Car batteries for grids, the Duke way

Duke Energy, America’s biggest utility, is working on a way to use vehicle batteries for grid energy storage that could sidestep the concept’s biggest drawback. Electric vehicle batteries have long been mooted as a potential…

Isbrand Ho of BYD Europe and Jos Nijhuis of Schiphol Group sign a contract for electric buses.

BYD lands zero-emission bus contract

BYD’s iron-phosphate battery-powered vehicles are making more inroads into the European market with the announcement that the China-based megacorp will be supplying 35 electric buses to Schiphol airport in The Netherlands. These airside transfer vehicles will together…

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Swift, silent public transportation

Encouraging news for low-carbon public transportation comes from Sweden, where Volvo has announced plans for a new line of electric buses. The company is not just playing up their virtue for emission-less transport, but noiseless driving as…