BYD’s AD Huang on energy storage

Excerpts from an interview with AD Huang, general manager of BYD and speaker in the Renewable Integration & Storage track in the upcoming European Utility Week.

How do you see energy storage developing in the next coming years, globally and in Europe? Why should utilities invest in energy storage?
As more and more renewable sources are installed in the world, especially in the European Union, energy storage can help to increase grid stability. In addition, the use of energy storage as reserve capacity will enable utilities to better respond to the end users’ request.

Technology developers are all striving to develop and commercialise various forms of energy storage. How successful are these efforts according to you?
Since lithium-ion batteries are not only used in energy storage but also for electric vehicle applications, the battery costs will go down quickly. BYD has already done a lot of projects worldwide and we believe the energy storage will play an important role in the future.

What are the industry’s biggest challenges related to renewable energy storage?
Policy, cost and lifetime of energy storage are amongst the biggest challenges to the industry.

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