On to a new Energy Storage Report

Energy Storage Report is changing.
Energy Storage Report is changing. Photo credit: Sid Mosdell
Energy Storage Report is changing.

Energy Storage Report is changing. Photo credit: Sid Mosdell

Next week Energy Storage Report will be a year old. It has been an eventful 12 months. We have seen and learned a lot, charting the emergence of the first proper energy storage market in Germany, reporting from industry events such as Energy Storage 2013 and analysing the impact of important studies such as the research from Stanford University.

Along the way we have built up a solid newsletter following, established a vibrant Twitter community and amassed one of the world’s biggest and best collections of energy storage industry news on our web site. But it is time for a change. As the energy storage sector rapidly matures, the amount of news it generates is increasing. At the same time, though, the value of individual announcements is lessened.

Acting as a mouthpiece for corporate press offices is, we believe, no longer of great value to our readers. Instead, we think there is a growing need for a deeper scrutiny of the trends and drivers that lie behind the headlines. With that in mind, from next week we will be giving up on our original ambition to be the first for news on energy storage.

In its place, we will aim to become the first for analysis in the industry, something we have already begun to do with our monthly contributions to Marine Renewable Energy.  We will also be changing the format and frequency of our newsletter.

Instead of trying to cram all the industry’s news into two newsletters a week (something we admit is becoming hard to do) we will be easing the load on your inbox with a single weekly missive, arriving Wednesdays, that will focus on one particular topic of interest. We hope this new approach will add greater value to the industry and help you get to grips more quickly with the issues that matter.

There is a lot to say and we have got a long list of topics that we think will be of interest. But this is not just about us. We want your input, too. We want to know what you think of the changes. We want you to tell us what subjects you think we should be focusing on. And we even want you to let us know if you would like to send us an opinion of your own for publication.

So, as we move into a new and hopefully better phase at Energy Storage Report, one thing will stay the same: we still want you to get in touch and look forward to hearing from you as much as ever.

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