Micro-storage to kill batteries?

Batteries are a handy way to power small gadgets but if the devices are in remote locations then swapping a cell can be a problem. However, a Danish company called Delta reckons it can do away with batteries altogether by using a combination of micro-storage and what it calls ‘energy harvesting’: using available ambient power such as light or thermal differences.

Thanks to recent improvements in microchip energy efficiency, such meagre power sources, combined with capacitors or other types of micro-storage, should be enough to feed small sensors and other smart devices indefinitely. Delta believes energy harvesting will be important in helping deliver the intelligence needed for smart-city technologies.

“To make a city smart you need a lot of sensors and a lot of sensors would require a lot of batteries or a lot of cables, which is not always feasible,” Delta’s Johan Pederson told Energy Storage Report at this week’s Smart City Expo in Barcelona. “By making the sensors self-supplying you can make a much denser sensor system.”

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