Microbattery to beat supercapacitors?

A team from the University of Illinois, USA, claims to have created a lithium-ion microbattery with a power density of up to 7.4 mW cm−2 μm−1. The authors say is equal to or better than today’s top supercapacitors and 2,000 times higher than any other microbattery.

“The battery micro-architecture affords trade-offs between power and energy density that result in a high-performance power source, and which is scalable to larger areas,” reports the team in Nature Communications this week.

The news immediately follows research by a team from the University of California in Los Angeles, reported in Nature Materials, into the virtues of niobium oxide as a component for supercapacitors. The team has used a process called intercalation pseudocapacitance so that “high levels of charge storage are achieved within short periods of time because there are no limitations from solid-state diffusion.”

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