NAATBatt mulls policy initiatives

An impressive lineup of heavy hitters in the energy storage industry was getting around the table yesterday (Friday May 10) at the National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (NAATBatt) to discuss US federal legislative and agency activities likely to impact the advanced battery industry in 2013-14, and to decide on a course of action. Among the issues under discussion were:

  • The Storage Technology for Renewable and Green Energy Act, proposing a series of tax credits for storage applications.
  • A proposal from the Obama administration for USD$200 million for grid modernisation.
  • How grants and subsidies received since 2009 have been spent.
  • What new sources of funding can be secured.
  • The Energy Security Trust Fund.

Representatives from the Electricity Storage Association, the Electric Drive Transportation Association, New York Battery & Energy Storage Technology, and the California Energy Storage Alliance had been invited to attend, as well as representatives from NAATBatt member firms.

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