Secrets behind the world’s foremost energy storage conference and expo

Energy Storage Europe is growing in attendance and importance every year. Pic: Energy Storage Europe.

Energy Storage Europe is growing in attendance and importance every year. Pic: Energy Storage Europe.

By Jason Deign

Energy Storage Europe, the world’s foremost energy storage conference and expo, is continuing to grow.

Last month the event organiser, Messe Düsseldorf, announced a tie-up with specialist energy events promoter Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse, to expand its hydrogen and fuel cells coverage.

“Sauber and his team will be an enrichment for Energy Storage Europe and our global event portfolio, with their expertise and many years of reliable contacts in the industry,” said Bastian Mingers, head of Energy Storage Europe.

“Together, we will raise the product portfolio of the leading trade fair for energy storage systems to the next level.”

And the alliance is only one of many initiatives aimed at making sure Energy Storage Europe, which is due to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from March 13 to 15 next year, remains the most important event on the industry calendar.

With less than four months left until the doors open, Mingers offered the following insights into Energy Storage Europe.

Q: Which groups does Energy Storage Europe address?

Bastian Mingers: Energy Storage Europe is strictly focused on experts and professionals; 99.8% are trade visitors.

Another important part of the community that is very welcome at our show are storage users from all industries.

This includes visitors from various Messe Düsseldorf network industries, like medical health, wine producers or the ship industry, plus energy-related groups such as utilities, energy suppliers and municipalities, among others.

Q: How many exhibitors and visitors are you expecting this year?

Bastian Mingers: Over the past three years, the visitor numbers of the Energy Storage Europe trade fair and conference grew by an average of 54%, to more than 4,200 industry representatives.

During the same period, the number of exhibitors increased to a total of 160. After this year’s move from the congress centre into its own exhibition hall, Messe Düsseldorf expects further growth.

Q: What are the main differences between your event and other trade fairs dealing with energy storage?

Bastian Mingers: Energy Storage Europe covers all storage technologies. From electric and electrochemical to thermal, chemical and mechanical storage, visitors can find all technologies in one place.

Recently we started a cooperation which allows us to strengthen the hydrogen and fuel-cell sector along with the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

The German Energy Storage Association, the Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research and Fraunhofer ISE are important pillars of Energy Storage Europe.

At international level, we have strong partnerships with most associations, such as the California Energy Storage Alliance, Australian Energy Storage Alliance, Indian Energy Storage Alliance and Global Energy Storage Alliance.

Therefore, only we can facilitate international exchange at the highest professional, political and economic level.

Q: How does Messe Düsseldorf address the increasing internationalisation of the energy storage industry?

Bastian Mingers: International markets are traditionally a focal point of the Energy Storage Europe Expo and Conference. In 2017, visitors came from all five continents to Düsseldorf. A total of 64 nations were represented.

Companies preparing their access to the market or partnerships in other countries, such as the USA, China, India and Japan, encounter decision makers and organisers of the global Energy Storage Network in Düsseldorf.

The global network of the World of Energy Storage and its 74 international agencies, representing Messe Düsseldorf in 138 countries, contribute to the high level of trade visitors.

Our five satellites in the US, China, Japan and India are developing almost as fast as the main event in Europe. This lays the foundation for attracting international visitors to Düsseldorf.

Q: What might be new or unusual at Energy Storage Europe next year? What emerging trends or new developments are you expecting?

Bastian Mingers: We will put a strong focus on sector coupling, since we are convinced that energy storage is the missing link for the energy transition.

In 2018, we will also give start-ups the chance to present themselves to companies and visitors on the third day, in a pitch forum. This part of the programme will be alongside an additional recruiting day.

Our partner, the German Energy Storage Association, will give exclusive insights and an overview on the current situation in the most important markets.

Since we’re also the number one when it comes to matchmaking, we will arrange one-on-one matchmaking with international delegates for the first time.

Our global network of representatives will address these delegations and we will arrange the meetings between our exhibitors and the delegates.

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